Jim Donnelly - President
Great Lakes Region
GMS Division

October 30, 2008

Being a part of this industry for more than 40 years has provided me with an opportunity to work with many Suppliers, Broker’s, Manufacture Reps, and Direct Sales people, many of which have been instrumental in the continued growth and success of our Company as well as actively supporting my personal career.

That being said, I can’t think of many that have been more helpful and reliable than Grand Greetings.   Our relationship began several years ago when the large Greeting Card suppliers made a decision that they were no longer interested in small to mid size Independent Supermarkets.  At that time many of our Customer’s were told that they would no longer be serviced on Greeting Cards while others were totally shut off and had no where to go.  This opened the door for several small entrepreneurs’ with good intentions to jump into the business in an attempt to correct the problem.  Geographic’s quickly became an issue and most were not able to cover a market outside of the small perimeter around their business.

Fortunately for our Company and Retailer’s, we were able to make contact with Grand Greetings and with the help of Pete, Bruce, Larry and their supporting team we developed a program with options that have supported the needs of all participants.  Grand Greetings understood what we needed and reacted to the problems that our small and mid size Customers were facing.

Today they support not only the small accounts but also many of our larger locations.   They are always there when needed to support our efforts with new business or expansions but more importantly they are excellent in taking care of the existing Customer.  I can’t think of a time when we have had a call relating to a complaint or issue with Grand Greetings. 

We work in a fairly simple business with the majority of our growth and success tied closely to people.  Grand Greetings provides the programs and the people to make it all work.

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